Profile of NIC District Centre, Ludhiana

About NIC

NIC District Centre Ludhiana came into existence in November 1988 at Room No.125, First Floor, District Administrative Complex, Ludhiana. Since then, it has been providing various IT related services to State / Central Government departments in the district.


Objective of NIC

The long term objective of the National Informatics Centre, as approved by the Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and the erstwhile Electronics Commission, had been to establish the feasibility of a system for the provision of detailed information to government ministers and agencies to assist them in making decisions relating to the country's economic and social development, planning and program implementation. NIC was set up with the aforementioned objective to promote economic, social, scientific and technological activities, and also for macro-economic adjustments program of the Government, through the applications of Information Technology (I.T.)



District Informatics Officer (DIO) : Kashmir Singh, Technical Director
District Informatics Associate (DIA) : Inderjeet Singh Chana, SSA
Address : NIC District Unit, Room No. 125,Ist Floor
District Administrative Complex
Ferozepur Road,Ludhiana.
E-mail Address :
Telephone No(s) : 0161-2430437


  1. Video Conferencing :

    Video Conferencing Facility started in the NIC District Centre in January 2005. This brings the decision makers and action takers together, face to face, wherever they are across the country and around the Globe. Experts from remote locations can interact with each other in real time interactive mode. By providing strong channels of visual, graphical and multimedia communication, video-conferencing opens new vistas of functioning of government and service delivery mechanism is enabled for various sectors of Indian economy.

    NIC is also conducting the video conferencing sessions related with the RTI cases of CIC(Central Information commission ) and SICP (State Information Commission of Punjab)

    Video Conferencing Room at NIC Disrict Center Ludhiana
  2. SUWIDHA (Single User-Friendly Window Disposal and Helpline for Applicants)

    This was built to provide convenience to the citizen by capturing the input at a single point for different services, re-engineering Government processes and mapping citizen charter to reality. The citizen approaches the SUWIDHA window and files his application. He is issued a receipt cum token number, which specifies the date of delivery of service. The case is sent to the concerned branch for action and get the delivery of his documents from the SUWIDHA counter itself on the specified date. In order to ensure timely delivery, Deputy Commissioner monitors the progress regularly so that citizen doesn’t have to visit the office again.

  3. PRISM (Property Registration Information System Module)

    PRISM automates all major activities of Sub Registrar Office and covers online Registration of all types of deeds, Evaluation of properties, Monitoring of Revenue, Preparation of index register, issue of Encumbrance Certificates and Electronic storage of scanned documents, deeds of Sale, Mortgage, Adoption, GPA, Exchange, Pattanama, Lease etc.

    PRISM is a client/server based software, implemented in All the Sub-Registrar Offices of District Ludhiana and also in All the Tehsil and Sub-Tehsils.

  4. Affidavit Information System

    This system was implemented to bring the transparency in the affidavit attestation. Under this module Photo of the Applicant is captured and printed on the backside of the Affidavit paper and delivered instantly.


    AGMARKNET Software is used to computerize data on market fee, market charges, total arrivals, arrivals by agencies , prices, storage, dispatches with destination, mode of transportation , costs, sold and unsold stocks, method of sale, payment ,weighing facility, grading facilities etc.

    AGMARKNET S/w is implemented in all the market committees of district Ludhiana under different phases.

  6. District Treasury Office

    Ludhiana was the first district in Punjab to computerize Treasury Office. NIC had fully computerized the District Treasury Office, Ludhiana. All treasury works like Bills, Accounts, data transfer, receipt, Pension, daily data from banks, maintaining of budget etc. were computerized successfully in 2001.

  7. District Social Security Office

    Government of Punjab is giving monthly pensions to Old Age persons, Widows, Dependent children and Disabled persons. More then One lakh beneficiaries are there in District Ludhiana. NIC has successfully computerized all the pension details since 1994 which results in the timely distribution of the pension to the beneficiaries. This will drastically reduce the work of District Social Security Office. Now the new system is going to be implemented by which one can get the status of his/her application at any time from the District Social Security Department. Stamp Module is the latest addition to the above package.

    Latest status pertinent to pension data i.e. List of pensioners under all the schemes is also updated from time to time and one can check his/her status on this website under the Online status tab at the Home page of this website (i.e

  8. Lease Line Connectivity

    NIC Ludhiana has provided Lease Line connectivity to various departments like Post Office(Ludhiana Head post Office, Ludhiana Speed Post Office, Khanna and Jagraon Post Offices) , Pay and Account Office, Jt. Director General Foreign Trade (Jt. DGFT) etc. NIC is providing 2 Mbps Lease Line connectivity to these departments through BSNL.

    NIC Ludhiana is also assisting to the departments like CIPHET, GADVASU, School of IT(PAU)under the NKN Project. These departments have 100 mbps lease line connectivity under the NKN project.

  9. Online Status

    NIC Ludhiana is also assisting the District Administration to provide the Online Status of various services like SUWIDHA , PENSION,INTKAL etc on this website . User can check his/her status of the required service under the tab Online status at Home Page of this website.

  10. Digital Signature

    Digital certificates are the digital equivalent (i.e. electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. Examples of physical certificates are driver's licenses, passports or membership cards. Certificates serve as identity of an individual for a certain purpose, e.g. a driver's license identifies someone who can legally drive in a particular country. Likewise, a digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity or your right to access information or services on the Internet.

    NIC is providing the digital certificate facility to various departments through NICCA (NIC Certifying Authority). Interested user/department can see the website for more details.

  11. Elections S/w

    All the technical work like Data compilation , Data entry , authenticity of data, Polling Duties of the staff, Various Reports(like individual order, Party list, Department list, order for reserved staff, consolidated party order), Affidavits' scanning, Randomization of polling staff, Randomization of the EVM machines, Result etc for various elections of Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha, Panchayat, Zila Parishad etc is done with the assistance of NIC for several years. NIC's DISE (District Information System for Elections)approved by the Election Commission of India, is used for elections.

    In the Assembely Elections, 2012 NIC has also introduced PPMS(Punjab Poll day Monitoring System). This is SMS based system for tracking all kind of activities at polling centres.Its status is instantly reflected on the website.

  12. Rural Soft

    This is the new on-line project in which entries of all the Rural development schemes is to be entered directly on web site, developed by NIC, by DRDA and Zila Parishad officials.

  13. District & Session Court

    NIC is now evolving in all the fields of Government Sector. Courts have also been computerized. Many software’s like Payroll, Judgement software etc have already been implemented. Training to about 300 employees of courts has been imparted.

  14. Arms License Information System (ALIS)

    ALIS Software has been successfully implemented with all the services like New Licence, renewal of Licence, Weapon Entry, Addition of Weapon, deletion of Weapon, Change of Address, and Retainer’s Entry.

  15. Internet and E-mail Connectivity to user department

    NIC Ludhiana also providing E-mail and Internet Connectivity to various Central/State Offices.

  16. Networking plan

    National Informatics Centre's NICNET is one of the biggest networks in any country. Each district centre has VSAT installed for the Internet & E-mail facility. .District Centres are now equipped with Lease Line connectivity through BSNL.

  17. Training

    NIC Ludhiana also imparting training to Various Government Offices (Central/State) from Time to time. Till Now More than 300 Employees have been trained by this office . The Primary training is on the Computer fundamentals and Software for the Office/branch , for NIC projects.

    Headquarter also imparting training to various Central/State departments from time to time , for more detail visit

  18. SARTHI and VAHAN

    NIC has developed these two softwares SARTHI and VAHAN at National level for the Computerization of the Driving Licenses and Registration of the Vechiles. SARTHI Software is running in the SUWIDHA Centre ludhiana for the computerizaiton of the Driving licenses (learner's license as well as Permanent license). Various counters has been established in the SUWIDHA centre for this service.

  19. CIPA

    The Common Integrated Police Application(CIPA) is a multilingual application to automate the processes(workflow) at primary sources of data itself e.g. Police Station and to build a crime & criminal Information system based on CrPC. It provides an efficient way of organising crime records for generating queries/reports and crime analysis for decision support. The CIPA Software developed in JAVA and implemented under open source environment viz. Linux (OS), Postgres (RDBMS).

    CIPA S/w is implemented in all the Police Divisions of district Ludhiana.

  20. Arms License Issuance System (ALIS) for the o/o Commissioner Police Ludhiana

    ALIS System, which was successfully implemented in the SUWIDHA CENTRE , for the Deputy Commissioner's Office ludhiana, implemented in the office of the Commissioner Police Ludhiana also . It was required after the inception of the Commissioner Police in the Ludhiana district. ALIS System implemented at Single Window Office, Commissioner Police, Mini Secretariat Ludhiana. All the data pertinent to the City Police Stations covered in this System.

  21. MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act)

    The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act aims at enhancing the livelihood security of people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of wage-employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. NIC Ludhiana assisting the district administration in implementing this scheme online.

  22. Jan Aushadi Software (JAS)

    NIC Ludhiana has successfully implemented the Jan Aushadi Software in the Civil Hospital Ludhiana. The ambitious Jan Aushadhi programme is to ensure availability of medicines at low cost to the common man across the length and breadth of India is in crisis due to the short supply of drugs. NIC HQ Delhi has prepared webbased software for this..


    NIC has also implemented the CONFONET project . The Main objective of the ConfoNet is improving operational efficiency, co-ordination, accessibility, speed in judicial administration and to set Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure at Consumer Redressal forums all over India to provide IT solution at each level in order to provide: E- Governance Efficiency Transparency and Systematizing of working To achieve time bound delivery of justice to the consumers.

  24. Computerization of the Ludhiana Central Jail.

    NIC has computerized the Ludhiana Central Jail , on the outline of Tihar Prisons. Central Jail Ludhiana was taken as a pilot Jail in Punjab for the computerization. Under the Computerization of the Central Jail Ludhiana, NIC has implemented two software’s namely Prison Management System (PMS) and the Visitor Management System (VMS) . Both these softwars are running successfully in the Ludhiana central Jail.

    After the implementation of these s/w's The Prisoner's information is now globally available to all the prisons, police and intelligence and central agencies for various other purposes throughout the country.

  25. National Animal Disease Reporting System(NADRS)

    NIC Ludhiana has implemeted the NADRS project for the department of Animal Husbandry, In the first phase, all the NADRS sites (district and at block level) were prepared with the establishment of dedicated computer network (with BSNL connectivity)with linking of each block to the district HQ. Each district hq to the state hq and futher state hq to the country 's central unit has been envisaged.This electronic data transmission will result in quick data compilation and report generation . NADRS application contains modules like scheme monitoring , disease reporting, block MIS, NADRS portal and animal disease diagnostic lab's workflow etc.

  26. Mother and Child tracking System(MCTS)

    NIC along with NRHM Punjab implemented mother and child tracking system (MCTS)under e-mamta project to the health and family welfare department of punjab. In MCTS application online data entry of pregment women , temporary migrant pregnent mother and child registration & immunization was done and it also generates various kind of work plan and reports based on different parameters.

  27. District Website

    With the launch of this official website , NIC Ludhiana is also listed in the list of the districts who have their own official website. This site is designed by the NIC District Centre Ludhiana under the guidance of WEB-GROUP, NIC Punjab State Unit, Chandigarh. All the contents have been provided by District Administration.


Future Projects

  • Centralized Arms License Issuance System
  • Fully computerization of the District Court Ludhiana and Subordinate Courts.(E-Courts Project )